• The Ultimate In Motorized, Retractable Sun Shades/Solar Screens

      view looking out windows with sun shades

      Superior Zipper Track Tensioning System
      Zipper Track retractable sun screens offer superior shade screen tension that will never bunch or flap in the wind.

      Unbeatable Thermal, UV & Radiation Protection
      Block up to 90% or more of the sun's harmful rays without sacrificing any of your beautiful views.

      Sun Shades Can Keep You Up  30 Degrees Cooler
      Research shows exterior sun screens can reduce temperatures in your home or patio by as much as 30 degrees or more when properly installed.

      Ideal For Both Indoor & Outdoor Living Sun Shade Applications
      Extremely versatile, the Solution screen offers a convenient solar screen solution for patios & decks as well as windows & doors.

      Fully Motorized - Raise & Lower With The Push Of A Button
      Motorized retractable sun shades can be controlled from a remote, wall switch or home automation system.

      Industry Leading Sun Shade Warranty For Years Of Enjoyment
      Our retractable sunscreens come with a lifetime warranty on motors & electronics and a 10 year warranty against fading, rot and mildew.

    • Motorized Retractable Sun Shades For Patios, Decks & Outdoor Living Areas

      Solar shade without losing your viewKeep Your Patio Or Porch Up To 30 Degrees Cooler
      Enjoy your outdoor living space without the heat - retractable sun screens can keep your patio up to 30 degrees cooler, helping to reduce your overall home cooling costs.

      Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Areas In Comfort & Safety
      Solution screen provides excellent thermal, insect & UVA/UVB protection and is strong enough to protect against errant golf balls.

      Enhanced Daytime Visibility From Your Patio Looking Out
      The Solution shade lets soft, natural light in to enjoy your views while providing excellent privacy from anyone outside looking in.

      solar screens up to 30 feet wide

      We Can Install On Almost Any Outdoor Living Structure
      Patios, decks, pergolas or gazebos, the Solution sun shade can be installed just about anywhere for the perfect shade solution.

      Shade Widths Up To 30 Feet Without Gaps Or Seams
      Perfect shade for any size porch or patio, the Solution solar screen is especially well-suited for large patios with openings up to 30 feet wide as it can do so without seams or gaps.

      Ideal Fabric Tension For Taught, No-Flap Shade
      Unlike the competitors' cable track patio shade systems, the Solution screen maintains ideal tension all the way across, even in strong winds.

    • The Perfect Exterior Solar Screen To Shade Windows & Doors

      view looking out windows with sun shadesKeep Inside Temperatures Up To 30 Degrees Cooler
      By blocking up to 90% or more of solar rays from ever hitting your windows & doors, retractable sun shades reduce AC loads & save you money on cooling costs.

      Add Shade In Seconds With The Push Of A Button
      Motorized exterior sun shades can be operated by remote, from a wall switch, or integrated with home automation.

      Keep Your Views With Unparalleled Outward Visibility
      No need to saccrifice your view for superior door & window sun screen protection. Our solar screens provide exceptional daytime visibility looking out.

      Rolling solar screens on exterior windowsDaytime Privacy From Outside Eyes Looking In
      While you can see out with perfect clarity during daylight, you're protected from prying eyes outside.

      Fully Retractable Sun Shades - Enjoy Only When You Want To
      Nearly endless installation options and custom color matching can hide the screen almost entirely from view when not in use.

      Numerous Screen Colors To Match Your Decore
      Our sunscreens are available in many different color choices for a custom fit with your color plans.

    • Solution Screen Solar Shade Photos

    • Solution Screen Solar Screen Video Library

    • A Perfectly Customized Sun Shade Solution For You And Your Individual Needs

      Wide Variety of Sun Screen Fabric Colors
      Our sun shade fabric comes in many different colors to blend with not just your home, but your entire landscape, and meet your aesthetic needs.

      Available In 5% or 12% Sun Shade Factors
      Get more protection, such as on East/West facing windows, patios or decks, or more view, such as on North/South facing areas.

      Top-Rated, Professional Installation
      Get perfect form & function with custom, quality sun shade installation from Superior Sun Solutions.

      Custom Color Matching On Guiderails & Housing
      We can apply a custom powder coat on the zipper track guiderails and housing unit to match almost any installation surface.

      Optional Bug Strip
      Adding an optional bug strip to your retractable solar screen can provide added insect protection. When combined with custom furring, your patio can be almost completely insect-proof.

      Optional Wind Sensor
      Although the Solution screen is specifically designed to withstand strong winds, in severe weather areas, an optional wind sensor will automatically retract your solution screen if necessary.

    • The Southwest's Best Retractable Sun Shade Warranties

      Lifetime Warranty On Motors & ElectronicsUnsurpassed Lifetime Warranty On Motors & Electronics
      Every motorized sun screen from Superior Sun Solutions comes with an industry leading Lifetime Warranty on motors and electronics.

      10 Year Warranty On Sun Screen Fabric
      The Solution screen includes industry leading Mermet® screen fabrics which are guaranteed not to rot or mildew for at least 10 years.

      Ultra-High-Strength Zipper Won't Wear Out
      Weight tested to over 800 pounds, the Solution zipper track sun screen
      also provides superior golf ball protection.

      Co-Extrusion Tension Gasket
      The Solution solar shade will always be flat with perfect tension
      from all four sides -  top-to-bottom & side-to-side.

      Hi-Strength Aluminum Guide Rails & Housing
      Powder coated aluminum guide rails stand up to the Southwest's extreme climate for years beyond other retractable sun screens.

      Vinyl Coated Fiberglass Screen Material
      Our solar shade screen fabric is guaranteed for 10 years against rotting & mildew for unsurpassed durability.

    • Benefits of Superior Sun Solutions Zipper Track Solution Screen

      Seamless up to 30 feet!
      The Zipper Track has a one piece opening that can be up to 30 feet wide. This means that seams are unnecessary. The absence of seams means that there is no light leakage or gaps plus it gives the screen a more appealing look.

      Extruded Aluminum Housing and Guide Rails
      All the aluminum used in our Zipper Track Solution Screen is extruded aluminum, not roll form aluminum like most of our competitors use. This makes the entire unit up to 8 times stronger than other typical screens. The extruded aluminum provides greater installation options, longer span widths, greater screen tensions, and much sturdier, longer lasting units. The powder coated extruded aluminum guide rails stand up to the Southwest's extreme climate for years beyond other retractable sun screens.

      Ultra-High-Strength Zipper
      The screen uses tension from all 4 sides (top to bottom and side to side) so that wrinkles are eliminated and the center is always smooth and tight. This enables it to handle higher winds than most screens. Depending on the width of the screen, it can handle up to 80 mph winds and is weight tested to over 800 pounds! Dirt and gunk won’t clog the tracks and that is backed by the lifetime warranty! The strength of the screen and zipper track combination can also offer superior golf ball protection.

      Coated Fiberglass Fabric
      AZ Sunblock uses the highest quality Mermet “fabrics for life” solar screen fabrics. Mermet is a high quality fiber glass yarn wrapped in vinyl and it is the strongest screen on the market today. Mermet’s innovative, functional fabrics are designed for solar protection, energy savings, pleasing visual aesthetics, acoustical comfort, and come with a 10 year warranty. 98% of our competitors use textilene, a polyvinyl/polyester that contracts and expands in heat and cold, causing wrinkles, thus, reducing the lifetime of the screen.

      The Zipper Track Solution Screen has a full array of automated options to include wall switches, remote controls, and inclusion in home automation systems.

      Best Warranty in the Business
      The motor, the remotes, the housing, and the frame all have a life time warranty. This is a really big difference from most screens on the market today. Additionally, the fabric itself has a 10 year warranty against rotting and mildew, which is much longer than almost all other companies. This means the product will look new for years to come and you won’t have to keep replacing the screen.

      Longer Lasting
      The side channels are fully enclosed so that wind issues are prevented and the screens don’t fray. This gives the screen a longer life. Plus the axle only has a 1/8” deflection. This means that there is no bowing or sagging of the screen. This in turn prevents wrinkles when rolling the screen. Wrinkles, bowing, and sagging screens are susceptible to high levels of wind damage over time and can become battered and aged looking more quickly while decreasing the life of the screen.

      The screens can be installed prior to construction or post construction. They can also be mounted in almost any environment. So whether you are building a home or your home is already complete, you can easily add screens.

      Professional Installation
      With over 20 years of experience in the business, we are knowledgeable and our installation work is never subcontracted. All of the people we use are trained and experienced employees. We put the customer first so if you have questions or concerns, you only have to deal with one source.

      Best Choice
      The Zipper Track Solution Screen is about 15% more than a traditional cable system screen. When you consider all of the benefits the Zipper Track Solution Screen you will see that it is a great value. Because of the extra strength of the screen and the additional tension, you won’t have to replace it every few years and you’ll actually save money in the long run!


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        The Ultimate Sun Shade - Solution Zipper Track Solar Screen

        The Solution zipper track sun shade is our best selling product, and for good reason. Itís versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and carefree. It's a perfect solution for both patio shade as well as exterior window coverings.

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        Shade for Patios & Decks
      • Full 3 sided patio enclosure using motorized solar shades and awning

        Motorized Sun Screens and Retractable Awnings Installation

        Sun screens and patio awning installation for a homeowner in Phoenix Arizona. This homeowner needed shade and privacy for an extended patio requiring 270 degree coverage of shade. Our solution, 2 motorized solar screens and a 7700 series awning.

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        Shade for Patios & Decks
      • Great interior demonstration of retractable solar screens

        Interior View Of 5 Motorized Retractable Sun Shades

        This is the interior view of five Tucson Sunfix Sunscreens. These are the patio or window screens that lock down, giving the homeowner the ability to leave them down even when on vacation.

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        Sun Screens (Solar Shades)
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        Shade for Windows & Doors
      • Superior Solutions for Sun Screens, Retractable Awnings & Rolling Shutters

        Arizona & Nevada's Best Shade Solutions. In Business Since 1993

        Superior Sun Solutions offers the best sun screens, retractable awnings & rolling security shutters and we back them with the best warranties & service in town.

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      • Sliding Doors? Note the color of the mounting and casing in this sun screen installation.

        Sun Screens for Sliding Glass Doors

        Sun Screens for a large sliding glass door. In this installation we installed a motorized sun screen (Zipper Track Solution Screen) on a clients exterior sliding glass door. Note the custom color of the sun screen to match the exisiting color of the hom

        Video Added: September 12, 2013
        Applications Shown:
        Shade for Windows & Doors
      • Complete Bug Protection! Another application for our sun screens.

        Bug Screens for Outdoor Patio

        Bug screen installation for an outdoor patio in Northern Arizona using motorized sun screens (patented Zipper Track Solution Screens). This client wanted complete 360 degree bug protection for his outdoor living area.

        Video Added: September 12, 2013
        Applications Shown:
        Shade for Patios & Decks
      • 3 large, zipper track suncreens for challenging "wood beam" installation.

        Retractable Sun Shade With Automatic Wind Sensor

        Installation of 3 motorized sun shades for a patio shade application in Sedona Arizona. Includes 3 large solution screens with an automatic wind sensor.

        Video Added: August 6, 2013
        Applications Shown:
        Shade for Patios & Decks
      • Nice solution screen installation showing custom furring and wind sensor.

        20-Foot Patio Sun Shade Installation - Zipper Track Screen

        Installation of a 20 foot motorized sunscreen for a full patio solar shade application in Gilbert, AZ. Installation includes a large solution screen, a motorized zipper track system as well as wind sensor and custom furring.

        Video Added: August 6, 2013
        Applications Shown:
        Shade for Patios & Decks
      • 2 large retractable solar screens providing full patio enclosure

        Patio Enclosure Zipper Track Solution Screen

        Here are two motorized retractable sunscreens we installed on a patio for shade and insect protection. A portable heater will heat the patio during winter

        Video Added: August 6, 2013
        Applications Shown:
        Shade for Patios & Decks
      • Great video showing the amazing shading effects of the solution screen product!

        Patio Sun Shading Application

        Perfect video to show the amazing solar shading capabilities of our Solution Screen product. This product can be used for both patio and window sun shading applications. Notice the difference the solutions screen makes once it is fully deployed!

        Video Added: October 10, 2013
        Applications Shown:
        Shade for Patios & Decks
      • What will my view look like when my solution screen is in use?

        Patio Sun Shade Application Accentuating View

        Great patio sun shade application using motorized solutions screens. Maintain views while blocking 90% or more of the suns harmful rays. This video shows how well views are maintained with our incredible solution screen product.

        Video Added: October 10, 2013
        Applications Shown:
        Shade for Patios & Decks
      • A complete home security and shading demonstration.

        Rolling Security Shutters and Motorized Sun Screen Installation

        Complete home security installation using numerous rolling shutters. This client had their home broken into twice and wanted full security protection for their home. We installed rolling security shutters throughout the exterior of this home.

        Video Added: October 10, 2013
      • Nice color matching of solution screens on existing home exterior.

        Patio Sun Shade Application With Motorized Sun Screens

        Another example of an installation of a complete outdoor patio sun shading application. Our client wanted a full solar shade experience for his outdoor patio. Our solution includes multiple - color matched - motorized zipper track solution screens.

        Video Added: October 10, 2013
        Applications Shown:
        Shade for Patios & Decks
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